Reviewing Corporate Event Packages

In the United Kingdom, event packages offer corporations extraordinary services for business owners and their workers. The services offered are based on the type of package selected. The duration of the event defines which packages are the most appropriate fit for each company. It is recommended that business owners review packages thoroughly before booking their final selections.

Half Day Corporate Packages

The packages provide access to the venues for the hours selected by the business owner. With the selection, the business owner receives an event manager to help them plan the entire event. All attendees receive sparkling water throughout their stay. The guests receive one breakfast to include coffee or tea along with biscuits. The lunch consists of a buffet-style dining experience complete with sandwiches and finger foods.

Full Day Corporate Packages

The full-day packages offer a planner who schedules up to three servings of refreshments for guests. The refreshments include a choice of coffee or tea with biscuits. The lunch selection provided by the on-site caterers is also buffet-style based on the owner’s selections. Typically, it includes ciabatta or sandwiches with several dessert selections.

Event Packages for a 24-Hour Stay

The packages include a guest room for each attendee with full-size beds and luxury bedding. All guests receive confectionary items in their rooms. Breakfast and lunch are provided for all guests. The company owner can choose their preferred catering services for their corporate dinner. The event manager helps the business owner with menu selections for the dinner and makes all necessary arrangements.

Services Included in All Packages

All businesses that book a local venue receive car parking services for each of their guests. Stationary packages are included for any printing requirements designated by the company owner. Projection equipment is available for all events, and the staff sets up the equipment based on the company’s demands.

In the United Kingdom, event packages provide affordable options for corporations that want to host a local event. The offerings give company owners a chance to plan a short or extended stay at a manor or cottage in picturesque locales. Business owners who want to learn more about the packages can visit for more info now.