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The Basics of Antique Furniture You Should Understand

There are various types of antiques and all antique furniture and collectibles happen to be the most practical and popular choice. Antique furniture have a distinctive category in a way that no one gets the same design repeatedly. In other words, you won’t want to be buying and collecting chests and table and then, filling up your house with the same variety of item. On the other hand, you might have specific preference to a certain style or wood.

No matter what your preferences are, if you have plans of buying antique furniture, you must be well aware of its basics. To give you an example, you have to inform yourself of the different ways that such furniture is constructed, what are the varieties of wood used, finishes and so on. This knowledge and information is crucial in determining if a certain piece is altered or some additions or major alterations have been made or original, meaning it’s in its original state without going through significant changes.

After getting used to the basics, visit as many antique furniture auctions and dealers as you can. While you are inspecting the item, don’t be afraid to pull out the drawers, get down on your knees to check the underside of the tabletops or even lifting the chairs to see its legs. This is the only way that you can do to get the best deal for your hard earned money. In the start, the furniture piece was made by using solid wood but through constant development in techniques for cabinetry making, it has opened up new method of creating decorations such as applying veneers or also known as thin sheets of wood.

Whether you believe it or not, this method may seem to be an inexpensive approach but it has created new roads in achieving the desired decorative effects. Apart from the fact that this technique is economical, it made inexpensive looking wood look like an expensive hard wood. In this kind of furniture, it had a solid body that’s referred to as carcass which is made of various less expensive woods similar to pine. Some antique furniture are using woods like chestnut, cherry, ebony, beech, mahogany, elm, pine oak, walnut, satinwood and so on.

As a matter of fact, there are certain points that you have to be mindful about in checking the price or worth, quality, age and authenticity of antique furniture. Fact is, this includes the proportion, color and patina, current condition after years of used and lastly, alterations made to the piece. Be vigilant of antique items that have modifications applied to it as it makes it lose its antiquity.

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